Big Soos Creek – Tributary to the GreenRiver: a conifer adjustment

In December 2021, Nicoterra was contacted by a long standing client: Green River Coalition about needed restoration plantings on Big Soos Creek. King County Council – Pete Von Reichbauer directed funds for a concentrated four-season shade tree planting plan on the southernside of the creek bank up to the roadway corridor. One of the reasons, Nicoterra was chosen for this effort was based on various levels of vandalism in the 500′ long site: a former home was in the process of being removed and repurposed to a native status, but the land vacancy created a vacuum for misuse, needle use, and trash. The other reason had to do with careful plantings needed within a dense broadleaf tree canopy. In March and April of 2022, the over 200 mixed conifer seedlings were planted in the midst of mulching assistance from King County Natural Resources, and other site preparations in collaboration with Green River College Student Interns. Nicoterra is grateful for all the excellent work by field crew and student interns along with coordination from Brian Lund, King County DNRP, Michael Taton, GreenRiver Coalition and many others. In 2023, a further conifer planting will be brought to this riparian forest to infill and supplement any losses from the first planting based on a conifer census. This site is immediately upstream from a State Fish Hatchery.

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