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Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration is a moving target 

Nicoterra Trails aims for natural cycles, increased plant diversity, enriched soils: …to give Nature a boost


  • Persistent weed seed banks
  • Lack of irrigation or proximity to water
  • Degraded and compacted soils
  • Damaging social trails
  • Increase in droughts

Nicoterra Trails approaches restoration with:

  • An investment in monitoring and plant replacement through long-term site observations 
  • Restraint in the use of herbicides while creating conditions for native plants to outcompete exotics
  • Integration of community stewardship to manage restored lands by providing recreational opportunities such as primitive trails, bird and wildlife observation points for instance
  • Use of hand tools where practical
  • Careful study of “boundary effects” to the site including diseased plants, and incompatible land use activities
  • Research into native plant and wildlife inventories to take advantage of the best science

Our Goals in a restored site include:

  • an enriched soil layer benefitted by mulch and mycorrhizae
  • ecosystem enhancement through native plants to support habitat and food choices of priority species
  • suppressed weed stock through shading and stewardship

Projects below:

Little Spokane River – Conservation and Trails

Covington Community Park – Trails Decommissioning 

Bass-Beaver Lake Organic Restoration Enumclaw

Green River WDFW Neely Mansion historic site

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