Requesting Assistance

Ways Nicoterra Trails will work with you!    untitled-2

Tree Preservation:

Tree pruning and preservation:  the health of your trees is the number one objective.  During a site visit, I would like to hear your concerns and tree history.  I will present steps that will benefit your trees and share with you how I work.  I will then provide you with an written estimate.

If there are serious tree health concerns, I may recommend a Tree Diagnostic that details contributing factors to tree stress.  If there are concerns about a hazardous tree condition, I may recommend a Tree Hazard Assessment that involves an assessment of each tree structural element and its probability to fail; this is a legally defensible document provided in a matrix format between tree and target by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Trails and Ecological Restoration:

Site review and a clear scope of work with my client will get us started.  I typically produce a simple Plan View of the project for discussion and calculation of quantities.  Design-build hours are billed separately but at the same rate.  IF the client is ready to implement the project we can execute a Small Works Contract for a firm fixed price or for a Time and Materials approach.  I then invoice the client monthly and provide a journal of work accomplished.  I have a performance guarantee to satisfy client expectations with the caveat that there are limits.  If there are failures in my work I will endeavor to address them to the best of my ability.

I appreciate it best in working closely with my clients to enhance landscapes that bring out the best qualities in nature, aesthetics, and function; and I look forward to working with you!

Bridge Inspections:

Timber bridge structures are inspected on a schedule if they are to serve the public.  The FHWA standard is every 2 years for all bridges carrying public traffic.  The US Forest Service has a 4 year standard for inspections.  The inspection will use sonic methods for detecting rot on structural members with increment core and testing to determine the remaining section material if rot is found.  The strength of structural members can be tested for compression and bending loads so that an accurate evaluation of bridge capacity can be made against it’s design load. I prepare a sketch of the structure and photos of the bridge elements in addition to any deficiencies found.  A report is produced that will detail all elements, conditions, and steps to preserve the structure.   I have four (4) years of professional bridge inspection experience with a speciality on timber structures.  WSDOT Certification and inspection experience also includes steel, concrete, timber structures.

2 thoughts on “Requesting Assistance

  1. Hi Daniel:

    We would be interesting in having you request to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Feasibility Study for the Horan Natural Area in Wenatchee, Washington. I work for a public utility district (Chelan PUD), and we are looking for water flow, trail design, etc. for this passive natural area. You were recommended by the North Central Washington Audubon Society. Would you please let me know if you are interested, and if so, provide an email to which I may send the RFP?

    Thanks, Janel Ulrich


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