Hangman Creek – Ecological Restoration Design-Build

While the Spokane Parks Department mulls over how and when to develop an 8 river mile nature trail while restoring the ecology of the Hangman Creek corridor, one private property owner is moving ahead on 360 lineal feet of creek edge within the historic Vinegar Flats neighborhood.  Nicoterra Trails has been hired for Design-Build to … More Hangman Creek – Ecological Restoration Design-Build

Wolf Surveys in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho

For two summers I’ve been surveying for wolves with the Wood River Wolf Project in Hailey, Idaho. Contributing to the story of the wolf, Coordinated by area biologists and for the benefit of our Peruvian shepards, the US Forest Service, and the wolf.  Also see the great work of the Dutchers,  Living with Wolves. Observing, listening, … More Wolf Surveys in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho

Planting pines with Nez Perce youth in Lapwai, Idaho

  Nicoterra Trails is developing a relationship with the Nimiipuu Protectors of the Nez Perce Tribe – in April we staged a planting event with the help of tribal forest resources staff Fields adjacent to the Community Gardens were recently cleared of poison hemlock and this enabled room for planting many dozens of small ponderosa … More Planting pines with Nez Perce youth in Lapwai, Idaho

sapling survival

“Money in the bank” is a good feeling for moving ahead.  Scrawny Ponderosa Pine will use banked nutrients like any other tree, if those seeds find the right target and the nutrients are available to them.  So who is the seedling banker of choice on the dry uplands of the Little Spokane River?  Well, it … More sapling survival