rsvp – the journey

rsvp – ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party was all fine and good!  No breakdowns and no physical limitations.  To ride 188 miles in 2 days means you love your bike and what it does for mobility.  Cool weather, no headwinds, and some drizzle made conditions supurb.  Organized rides take alot of attention to bicycling protocol, safety, route tracking and logistics.  I abided by these requirements but needed that stop at the Longshore Pub for a beer and fried fish.

In the future, I would stage this ride through Vancouver, than ferry over to Vancouver Island and ride into Victoria, than ferry down to Seattle and loop as many Canadians into the journey for a cross-cultural experience.

Most impressive participant was a man skateboarding the route.  He had made this trip by board several times; what stamina!



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