Trail Design-Build: Packwood Client

Parameters: Design of a trail, lightly on the land, small in scope, and purposeful leading to utilities, woodpiles, fire pits ultimately forming a loop.

Client: Cabin owner lives 150 miles away in eastern Washington who has many different guests staying 4 seasons and desires the trail to be interpretative, low maintenance, and safe for guests with limited mobility.

Trail Criteria: Trail tread not to exceed 24″, engage users with landscape, high visibility, build with hand tools.

Problems – Opportunities: During the course of the short project the following problems occured
1) a trail pinch point occured on a moderate grade slope above the wood pile
Opportunity – a series of climbing turns with bolstered edges and overlain with crushed gravel provided the solution

2) a mound covered in grasses along the trail was discovered to have a seam of charcol below, evidently restricting woody shrub growth
Opportunity – areas were dug through the seam and native sword fern (Polystichum munitum) were relocated and planted. Future native plantings are planned to help regenerate this location

Services Provided: Client site consultation, one schematic and one site plan, flagging, clearing and grubbing to mineral soil, trail shaping, armouring soft edges with rock and using 3/8″ minus crushed gravel where trail slopes exceeded 10% for short runs, plant identification for interpretive signs.

Nicoterra Trails – Pathways to Nature – Percosi di Natura

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