Trail Decommission-Restoration City of Covington – Active

Mid-November and a series of 4 non-commissioned trails are slowly being erased from this landscape.  The purpose of this project is to focus recreational attention on the designed trail system planned and built for the community, to remove invasive plants that moved-in during the abuse of these dark days, and demonstrate how the landscape can be enriched with native evergreens and shrubs .  The conifers are returning!

Each of 4 trail segments has unique problems: one segment has restricted drainage and wetter than normal soils, another segment has high berms from ORV use with extremely compacted soils, a third is  thickly invaded with Evergreen blackberry Rubus laciniatus,  and all need soil amendments before the northwest native plants are brought in.

We used the good work of the Washington Native Plant Societys’ Jenkins Creek Plant Inventory to develop the particular plant palette for this site, we also performed a soils forest health assessment to determine what soil amendments are needed what plants will thrive in the micro-conditions.  All work will be performed with hand tools and absolutely no herbicides.

On Saturday, December 20th we will stage a volunteer tree planting for the community who wish to learn more about this project and become Stewards For A Day.  Please meet at the Covington Community Park entrance on 180th Street at 9AM.


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