“Middle” of the Little Spokane River…moving forward

community stewardship on 5 acres of Waikiki Springs – spearheaded by Department of Fish and Wildlife


  •  Fairwood Farmers Marketcontinues to provide the community financial and organization support showing that community investment by local HOA’s and market shoppers is solid
  • The Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley is our big partner having history and knowledge to support our efforts

Planning for conservation and recreation

  • Nicoterra Trails crafted a Middle of the Little Spokane River Scoping Study to assist with visioning for the community on how this landscape could be preserved and enjoyed for generations
  • Washington State Parks included some of the key proposals of the Scoping Study in their Long Term Boundary work for Riverside State Park CAMP process
  • The Inland Northwest Land Conservancy seeks to attain the goals of the Scoping Study with the Fairwood communities and further develop relationships with property owners
  • Recently, staff of Department of Fish and Wildlife made a site visit with Nicoterra and Fairwood leaders to assess potential trails in the uplands of Waikiki Springs
Looking west from Waikiki Springs



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