Hangman Creek Corridor stewardship planning 2019


Negotiations are underway with both public and private entities to plant native riparian and upland plant species on specific locales of urban Hangman Creek.  This work is both restorative and enhancing of the wildlife potential of the Hangman.  We recognize through State Department of Fish and Wildlife staff that two(2) priority species will benefit from these plantings: mule deer and red-band trout.  We need your help to make this happen!

Nicoterra Trails will be advancing the community stewardship begun in 2017 with the Peaceful Valley Neighborhood Council, the Boy Scouts, Eastern Washington University School of Urban and Regional Planning, Spokane Parks Department, the Lands Council, and others along this beautiful creek corridor of 8 river miles plus.  As agreements are negotiated, Nicoterra Trails-consultant will perform outreach to stewardship interests – stay tuned.

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