Brushing-out tsunami evacuation route with Quileute Tribal School youth

The western shores of the Olypmic Peninsula contain rugged headlands between hike-able beaches.  Impassable headlands are circumvented with climbing ladders, static lines, and trails to high ground.  These detours often lead to a safe overland trail during high tides.  In La Push, on the Quiluete Reservation grounds of 1st Beach, a tsunami evacuation route was built in 2006 to provide safe access from this popular beach to high ground.  The route was built by a team of Quiluete youth, elders, and the Pacific Northwest Trail Association staff.  I was involved in this building and have recently recommended to the Quileute Tribal Council that the route needed rehabilitation work to be fully accessible.  In April, Nicoterra Trails organized a volunteer work party through support of the Tribal Council, and the Quileute Tribal School staff to brush out the trail and prepare for more advanced tread work.  We had a delightful group of students to assist in this effort and managed to clear the entire trail.





April 1st trail crew-Quileute Tribal School


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