Cancourse Coeur d’Alene Idaho – mountain bike trails and ecological restoration methods

Initially started as a pilot project to test methods of steep slope ecological restoration, we have expanded the scope of work to include larger slope lines against the damage caused by off trail use and abuse.

We are succeeding.

Though we do not have the benefit of the Coeur d’Alene Lake City Volunteers because of the Covid epidemic this year, Nicoterra Trails and the land manager have obstructed or obliterated additional trails in 2020 using an excavator and tools to create grade changes with Large Woody Debris, berms, and replenished soils. These sites have then been planted with trees, shrubs, and grass seed mixes including sterile wheat a product of

Learned Lessons

–A firm effort to educate area park users on what trail limits and what places are under restoration through signs and orange grid fencing

–mulch is a necessity to maintain soil moisture levels and afford plant/mycorhizzae growth

–modest drainage structures are needed though not as vital as thought; soil textures and runoff volumes have not created insurmountable problems

–soil and ecological conditions are substantial for plant regeneration

–spotted knapweed continues to plague meadow habitats while the establishment of silky lupine (to isolate invasive weeds) has proven problematic

In 2021, we will be expanding our scope into western units and developing our irrigation plan on this 130 acre site.

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