Wolf Surveys in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho

For two summers I’ve been surveying for wolves with the Wood River Wolf Project in Hailey, Idaho. Contributing to the story of the wolf, Coordinated by area biologists and for the benefit of our Peruvian shepards, the US Forest Service, and the wolf.  Also see the great work of the Dutchers,  Living with Wolves. Observing, listening, … More Wolf Surveys in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho

Planting pines with Nez Perce youth in Lapwai, Idaho

  Nicoterra Trails is developing a relationship with the Nimiipuu Protectors of the Nez Perce Tribe – in April we staged a planting event with the help of tribal forest resources staff Fields adjacent to the Community Gardens were recently cleared of poison hemlock and this enabled room for planting many dozens of small ponderosa … More Planting pines with Nez Perce youth in Lapwai, Idaho

Lost Falls Recreational Trails: Preliminary Feasibility-Post Falls, Idaho

Trails along water bodies Natural areas near urban settings Cultural history to ponder Recreation  Post Falls, Idaho is embarking on a Community Forestry planning process with the strong intent of incorporating recreational trails on a site along the south shores of the Spokane River.  The Spokane River rolls out of Lake Coeur d’alene and through … More Lost Falls Recreational Trails: Preliminary Feasibility-Post Falls, Idaho

Little Spokane River – Conservation and Trails

Community leaders in Spokane County are exploring how to advance conservation objectives while creating new recreational opportunities for Fairwood homeowners and the broader community of Spokane.  The well-loved Little Spokane River with it’s natural springs coming off of the Waikiki bluff (Gonzaga Retreat center and Fairwood Drive), the expansive 100 year flood plain, the tall … More Little Spokane River – Conservation and Trails

F-T Trail Design-Build

How do you build a trail on 50-100% slopes of soft organic soils if the slope is under active plant restoration? Autumn 2015, Nicoterra Trails and client began with a negotiated a contract to address the design challenges. We worked as sub-contractor to GardenCycles who was contracted to remove invasive plants; Himalyan blackberry, English ivy, clematis, … More F-T Trail Design-Build

Latah-Hangman Creek Corridor Trail Planning

Recent work culminated in a Design Charette sponsored by Washington Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects WASL, the National Park Service, Spokane City Parks and the local leadership group: The Inland Northwest Trails and Conservation Coalition & Nicoterra Trails.  Below is the writeup on the website:  a concept 9-mile trail connection through the … More Latah-Hangman Creek Corridor Trail Planning

Bass-Beaver Lake Organic Restoration Enumclaw

Site Characteristics and Scope   North of Enumclaw, Washington, a body of water named Beaver Lake (BL); nestled in-between Bass Lake and Sinkhole Lake comprises a rectangular area of 1/2 mile by 1/4mile.  This site was acquired by King County  from a logging interest which had cleared the landscape in 1999 of many conifers without … More Bass-Beaver Lake Organic Restoration Enumclaw

fight for life

While near Port Townsend last week working on a multi-year woodlot thinning project, I pondered the trouble of our beautiful madrones throughout the Northwest.  We all know the black scars on tree trunks.  These are the characteristic signs of a fungus termed Fusicoccum aesculi or madrone canker which has been ravaging our thin bark evergreens…for the past 3 decades. … More fight for life